55 Fiction

Despite what I have shared with you in these “Writing Teacher Writes” pages, brevity is not always my greatest strength.  I think that is one reason I have been drawn to poetry lately.  It challenges me to convey my ideas with both beauty and succinctness.  I have also been practicing with flash fiction, or 55 word stories.  The idea is that you need to cover an entire story arc, develop characters, etc in just 55 words.  Here are a few efforts I have scrounged up so far.

Solution to Silence:

The door always opens to silence, so I turn on the radio to drown it out.  My bag is slung on the back of the chair and shoes are kicked off by the door.  One week later I find the solution.  Opening the door, my bag’s overturned; claws clatter across the hardwoods to greet me.

Status Check

The library door swings closed behind me.  Gloria offers half a wave and a glance as I make my daily trek to the third aisle second shelf from the bottom.  There it is:  my very own book. MY name is in red along the bottom.  Safe and sound.  Safe? One week later it’s missing, finally.

Where did all the heroines go?

Elizabeth Bennett, back on that shelf; you’re not invited.  Not you either, Cathy.  Can’t you see this trip’s my big adventure?  Seems there’s no perfect book for the plane.  I’ll write it myself.  No men of good fortune in want of a wife, and no crazies either. 3C … Ah, here.  I wonder who’s 3B.


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