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Book Review: Yoga Girls’ Club by Tiffani Bryant

Review copy graciously provided by publisher through NetGalley.

Yoga Girls Club would be a great resource for any student or adult sponsor looking to start a yoga club at a school or after-school program. I think, and there is research to support the idea, that yoga can be very helpful in educational settings.  Calm and methodical stretching as a “brain break” is a common classroom management tool and helps not only with students’ self control but brain function, as well.  This book would be a neat way to introduce the a yoga practice to interested students as an after-school club or something similar.  Overall, it has many merits, but I do have a few hesitations about it, as well.

Yoga Girls Club by Tiffani Bryant.  Review copy provided by publisher through NetGalley.

Yoga Girls Club by Tiffani Bryant. Review copy provided by publisher through NetGalley.

Yoga’s benefits are not limited to girls, so I would like to see an edition of this book that is not so gender specific. I like the workbook elements incorporated into the book and that it incorporates more than just postures and breathing into its instruction. The book also guides girls to explore their own creativity and goals. The book goes into nice detail about many of the beliefs behind the practice of yoga. I think that this is valuable information to include, but it does elevate the reading level of the text. Additionally, it would be nice if this information was presented in a way that allowed a little more room for readers to consider and explore a yoga practice within their own system of beliefs.  I think that this background could be presented more as informational context rather than things inherent to a yoga practice. The instruction of poses and movement is accurate and detailed, but may be more accurate if reorganized and labeled steps. More pictures in this portion of the book may also be helpful.

Overall, the I think the book is a fantastic concept that has been pretty well executed save for the few recommendations made here.


Book Review: I’m Glad I Did by Cynthia Weil


Cynthia Weil’s story of the music industry in the 1960’s is a quick and enjoyable read.  J.J. Green has just graduated from high school and dreams of making it as a songwriter in the music industry despite the fact the it is practically a house rule that all Green children become lawyers. J.J. Has one short summer to prove to her family that she has enough talent to follow her dream.  After securing a summer job in New York’s music district’s historic Brill Building, the teen protagonist is taken on a wild ride including meeting and working with her musical icon, reconnecting with an estranged uncle, falling in love for the first time, and even helping to solve a murder mystery.

It is clear that Weil knows her way around the music business and her insight helps to create a colorful and engaging setting for the book. Key events from the civil rights movement are referenced throughout; however, the book seems to lack the sense of electric tension those events generated. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this book that, more than anything, is about family and forgiveness.  Additionally, I find it refreshing to come across a novel for teens that is not laced with swear words and suggestive scenes yet that I also think will still be enjoyed by a wide range of young adults.

Advanced Review Copy provided by the publisher through Netgalley.

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