Updates and A Year in Poetry

And I’m back! Some of you may remember that back in the summer I mentioned that I was changing schools and transitioning to a teaching environment much different than the one to which I had become accustomed. I am happy to report that I love my new job and feel like have found my rhythm and place in this new setting. I did not know, though, just how much last semester would seem to swallow me whole. I made a few remarks on technology in the classroom, but otherwise took a brief hiatus from the blog to get my feet back underneath me.

In truth, things have not really calmed down, and they are unlikely to do so in the near future. However, I am learning that I still need to carve out time for the things that help make me the individual that I am and, in turn, the teacher that I am. And thus, begin my efforts to return to blogging more regularly. One thing that I love about the blog and its consistency is the accountability it provides. That accountability comes largely from that looming, blue “publish” button and you! Thank you for all of the encouragement you provide.

How do you plan to carve out time for yourself this year? If you explore this site further, you may stumble upon the fact that I love poetry, reading it and writing it. Reading poetry is the perfect way for me to set aside a manageable, bite-sized piece of time for an activity that is meaningful to me and helps me to gain new perspectives on myself and my day. I am setting a goal to read one new poem every day. To keep me accountable, I decided to try a tumblr. If you want, you can keep up with my project here: YearInPoetry


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