A Quick Note on E-Books

Independent reading looks very different in my classroom this year, and quite suddenly, too. Last year, I had one student bring in an e-reader one time, and the occurrence was an event and a novelty. This is the first year I have seen a semi-regular appearance of e-readers in the classroom. Each period has seen at least one kindle or nook appear. One had an ipad being used as an e-reader. These devices seem to be family editions rather than individual possessions. Beyond the physical presence of e-readers, there are also students reading e-books on the school laptops. I’m not really sure what this trend means for the book market and the future of reading habits, but if it means that middle school students are engaged in a practice of reading self-selected books independently, how can it be a bad thing?

Have you seen e-books appearing in your school? Are you taking any extra steps to even use them more officially/intentionally?


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