Lit World’s Global Poem for Change and Some Other Poetic Musings

Happy National Poetry Month, everybody! Currently on spring break, I’ve been poem-ing away with the Poetic Asides bunch in an effort to write a poem-a-day for the month of April.  I’m a little bit intimidated by the whole thing, but Poetic Asides is really a great community and I am happy to have found them.  You can check out my efforts under that new tab up there at the top of the page,“Writing Teacher Writes,” which I’ll discuss in more detail in a later post.

Now, on to Lit World!

Though I was a little late, I was more than happy to blog last month about World Read Aloud Day in my classroom.  My middle school students really enjoyed reading aloud to elementary school students, and I think they are starting to grasp the importance of literacy for all of us and the need to advocate it globally.

In honor of National Poetry Month, LitWorld is continuing with its advocacy for global literacy through the means of poetry.  To celebrate the power and importance of words, LitWorld has started a collaborative Global Poem For Change. Poet Naomi Shihab Nye provided the first line:

I send my words out into the air, listening for yours from everywhere.

and all are invited to contribute!  Here is what I had to add:

From four corners blow the winds of change,

carrying from every mountain range, our words – high and low

To learn how you can become more involved, visit the Global Poem here and check out the video below.  Happy Poem-ing!


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