Hey! People use this stuff called Language Arts after all!

One of my favorite teaching experiences occurs when students come to class excited to tell me about some element of my instruction that was alluded to outside of school. For instance, not only did my eighth grade students note that the
Glee kids alluded to O.Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi,” but they could also explain how they had misinterpreted it!

 I think it is incredibly important that students see their teachers read. They have to see us believing in what we preach.  At the same time, we teachers are typically held to different expectations than the general public when it comes to what our students view as academic practices or habits. Witnessing individuals outside the realm of secondary education taking part in the joys of reading or even discussing a book, for example, can lend a new perspective to the practice which may be difficult for teachers to provide.

As teachers, we need to keep practicing what we preach. At the same time, I think we also need to find ways to
harness the power of both home and popular culture readers. I am looking in to organizing some sort of community to school reading program at my middle school. Right now the idea is simply a planted seed, but I will let you know how it grows!

By the way, this post was brought on by the link below regarding famous book appearances in movies.

Flavorwire » Meta-Reading: Literature Cameos in Film via
» Meta-Reading: Literature Cameos in Film


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