Here’s the Deal

Perennial problem of teachers everywhere are that their classroom walls sometimes seem to grow too thick.  We like the way we do things; we try to reinvent the wheel weekly (for some of us, daily); and when we hear the words professional development we sometimes hide quizzes in our notebooks to grade while listening to a speaker … for eight hours.  These statements certainly don’t apply to everybody all the time, but they are all traps into which we are endanger of falling.  It can sometimes be difficult to see and learn from the great things your neighbor is doing in their classroom, whether that neighbor be literally next door or across the country.  If you work in a a very small school, like I do, the world of education can sometimes appear even more isolated and limited.

However, professional development does not have to mean eight hour lectures or weekends spent in the backrooms of teacher supply stores.  The internet has broken down the walls of many classrooms and helped teachers to share and grow together.  Becoming an active participant in this global teaching community, despite a small personal community is one of my goals for this space.

I want to help my classroom walls to grow a little more transparent, allowing me to see out and you to see in.  Hopefully we can learn from each other and our students and our profession will benefit from this exploration.


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